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Victoria Thorogood

Client CoOrdinator
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Victoria has worked for over 25 years as a designer of visual communications for print and web; events logistics and marketing communications. She joined the data lovin’ team in 2016 to support Client Services to support their marketing and events programs, and manage the website. She also looks after all the team’s HR needs and loves working on the internal training program, especially documentation and training videos!


Vicki is a self confessed nerdy geek with a passion for super heros, super villians, Doctor Who and Star Trek!

Loves her sewing machine and can be found under a stash of fabric when not at her computer!

Has recently begun running as a way of keeping fit and is interested to know when it gets any easier!

Although not data-related, one of the past projects which sticks with her to this day, is discovering that the event organiser of a show had failed to provide the right furniture for her stand and was unable to fix the problem in time. With her business partner, they drove across London in rush hour traffic to a well known furniture supplier, procured a large quantity of flat packed furniture. Realising they potentially had more furniture than car space, they then spent an hour re-packing the car to fit it all in, before heading back to the venue where they spent several hours hand-building all the furniture and dressing the stand.

When the client arrived the following morning, she declared it was the best stand she had ever seen! Great outcome, but distinctly possible that several years were cut from her life span due to the stress! #neverlettheclientdown

It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it’s called Life

—Terry Pratchett