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The Client’s Story

“Stanton Allen worked with the firm to devise an integration strategy that revolved around a firm-wide understanding of information management.”

Nicholas Barrows

Deputy Head of Marketing & Business Development, Trowers & Hamlins LLP

The Client’s Story

Trowers & Hamlins is a firm that prides itself on its approach to client service by providing a unique approach to each engagement.  Their extensive experience allows them to ensure excellence of service delivery and to understand their clients’ business issues and objectives. As a result the firm realised that it was absolutely critical that it needed to implement a Client Relationship Management programme that went beyond the usual expectations of delivering just marketing effectiveness and business development tracking.

“There was no question in our minds,” says Naomi Moss, the firm’s Director of Marketing & Business Development, “we wanted to deliver a tool that the partners and fee earners would use as part of their day-to-day work. To achieve that, it was important to have advisers who would get under the skin of our business and how we operate.  Stanton Allen is one of the leading advisers in the sector and was a good fit for the firm”.

Stanton Allen was engaged to work with the firm to define their objectives and to find the system that would achieve them. The firm selected InterAction as the market leading system for law firms but realised that they would need to harness client intelligence from not just the CRM platform. “To manage client relationships” adds Nicholas Barrows the firm’s Deputy Head of Marketing & Business Development, “you need to gather information from multiple systems and that’s often where implementations come unstuck”.

Stanton Allen worked with the firm to devise an integration strategy that revolved around a firm-wide understanding of information management. “We implemented a data warehouse” explains lead consultant Barry Puddephatt, “and then used a combination of Intapp Integration Builder and custom integration routines to collate, aggregate and report on data from multiple systems”. The firm is now a year into the deployment of the system. “It’s not all been plain sailing” continues Naomi, “one of the main focuses has had to be on training and communication, but the joy of working with Stanton Allen is that they just dealt with the complicated technology and processes which freed us up to work with the firm to coach and encourage our users”.

This project has been shortlisted for 'Best use of systems or technology' for CRM at the MPF Management Excellence Awards 2017