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Sarah Bodenham

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Sarah has worked in the Legal IT sector for more than 16 years as an Applications Developer and Architect. She has worked for both law firms and legal software suppliers, implementing third-party and bespoke applications and designing and creating data integrations between multiple systems including PMS and CRM applications as well as reports that display consolidated data from across these systems.

Sarah is easily bribed by chocolate and champagne or gin!

Admits to being a Crazy Cat Lady WITH a hubby!

When her mind hits data overload, Sarah turns to her yoga mat and free weights to let off steam.

Sarah’s excitement levels climb when she receives projects heavy with report requirements. Working closely with one of our key clients, Sarah mapped her way through the requirements and development and of multiple SSRS reports.  Using data held within IA and other external systems, Sarah carefully guided the client through the decisions and scoping required to create consolidated business development reports that were easily understandable and provided both client-facing and internal insights for partners and teams.

Be a pineapple … stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside