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Rowena Anderson

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Rowena started in the CRM world 11 years ago at an accountancy firm then after a few years moved onto the Law firm Hogan Lovells where she spent the last 8 years as an InterAction and Digital Marketing Adviser. Her role involved managing the day to day running of their CRM system InterAction, supporting marketers and PAs using the email marketing tool Concep Send and updating the website and social media sites with company news.

Rowena loves getting back to nature and goes hiking when she gets the chance, she has climbed many mountains in the Lake District and the U.S., her highest being over 12,000 feet.

Rowena assisted in the rollout of IMO at her old firm which involved working with the IT and Marketing departments. She conducted many training sessions which was a great opportunity to meet people face to face and spread the InterAction message!

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—Walt Disney