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Rebecca Lee

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Having started my career as a Data Steward at Simmons & Simmons data quality is something I have always been passionate about and has been the foundation amongst my various CRM and Marketing roles. I then went on try my hand at a bit of marketing at Withers followed by back to CRM focussed at other roles but still including usage and management of marketing communication platforms.

Most recently I have also been involved more in project proposals and implementations but am still a firm believer that you need a good standing of data quality and data strategy for CRM to work to it’s best potential.

Regardless of the fact I am incredibly tone deaf I am an avid fan of karaoke, this is a fairly new pastime so no signature song yet but I will happily join in on anything and everything that everyone is else singing

Carrying on along the theme of enthusiasm over skill, bowling is also something I thoroughly enjoy and go to regularly but still insist on having the bumpers up!.


My handover notes at my previous firm are no doubt my most memorable project. Having worked in various firms I understand that no two CRM systems are alike so spent several months (yes months) drafting, brainstorming, editing and of course actually doing handover meetings. Thankfully I stopped short of asking our in house graphic designer to redesign in the style of a tender presentation but I did still include several ‘how to’ guides with red rings and arrows around the buttons you need to click.



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