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Michael Warren

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Michael Warren, CRM Consultant and Director at Stanton Allen has spent 20 years working with firms to implement CRM systems successfully. Michael founded Stanton Allen in 2008 having spent many years working with firms to fix problems arising from poor data quality and low adoption rates. His mission is to help our clients identify the critical success factors for their CRM and then implement simple, practical and realistic measures to achieve them.

Michael was born in Livingstone, Zambia.  He recently went “home” for the first time in 40 years and was blown away by the majesty of Victoria Falls and the friendliness of the people.

Michael used to live next door to someone who worked for the BBC who arranged for Doctor Who to visit his house on Michael’s 7th birthday as the Doctor was sorting out some Dalek trouble in the neighbourhood!

A tennis fanatic, Michael is a far better spectator than player but does have a pretty mean serve!

It’s difficult to pick a favourite or most memorable project as there are so many great projects that I’ve been fortunate to be involved in but I think it was hearing from one of our most long standing clients in New York, many years after they engaged us that the reason that they chose to work with us was that following our first meeting, the CMO went in to her team’s office and told them that she had just met someone who explained how CRM could work for them in language that finally made sense!

The most important word in Client Relationship Management is Relationships.  One face-to-face meeting is worth one thousand emails or phone calls.