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GDPR Toolkit

GDPR Toolkit

With the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in 2018 the EU is raising the bar in how it protects the interests, rights and data security of subjects.  Whilst many might see the strengthening of the EU’s data protection legislation as a negative thing that merely creates more work it has been the case that the implementation of previous data protection laws have actually driven firms to make more use of CRM technology as the only reliable way to ensure compliance.  It is essential that firms have a clear roadmap for how they are going to ensure that they comply and a significant element of that is being able to audit your current data and report on progress as you implement your firm’s policies.  To that end Stanton Allen are launching the GDPR toolkit.

A system that enables you to:

Stanton Allen helped us to understand the whole broad and quite frankly daunting topic of GDPR with a list of clear issues to think about, including a suggested approach which looks both sensible and achievable.

James Kempton

Chief Operating Officer, Saxton Bampfylde


Score the contacts that are the most important to you, so that you can provide a more personalised approach to obtaining consent from your key clients and contacts


Audit the consent you currently have to determine how far you are from compliance


Archive contacts from your CRM system if they do not consent or request to be removed

Preparation is everything and the clock has started.

Talk to us about implementing our GDPR scorecard in your firm.

You need to be GDPR compliant by 1 May 2018. Time left:








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Use our toolkit to audit your current data and report on progress as you implement...
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Enables an administrator to archive contacts into a secure hidden folder.
Automatic ranking of contacts and companies based on a range of criteria.
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Identify and implement the most effective CRM system and strategy.
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Integrate data from other company systems into your CRM.
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