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Data Audit

Data Audit

There are many things that can make your CRM deployment successful, but one thing is certainly true, bad data will kill your CRM programme. Stanton Allen have developed a unique approach to auditing and scoring data which is designed to assist business development, marketing and CRM users score the contacts and companies in their CRM system based on a range of criteria, such as:

  • Responsiveness to marketing campaigns; Activities & Appointments;
  • Relationships; Involvement in Opportunities; Value of the client to the firm.

Data is then tiered according to the score achieved, Tier 1 being contacts that have scored on multiple criteria, Tier 2 those that have scored for only one thing (usually for having a relationship with a professional) and Tier 3 that have scored for nothing. It is this last group that would be the focus for being archiving.

Key Elements

  • Data is scored based on a range of different criteria.
  • Scoring is reviewed with the project team using a set of template reports and analyses.
  • The goal is to identify contacts for cleaning and those for archiving.


  • Categorisation of all data held by the company to determine importance.
  • Elimination of redundant data that is no longer of use to the firm.
  • Provides insight into how the firm is managing their data and can improve data management.


  • Detailed reports.
  • Guidance on data management impact and processes.

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