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The Client’s Story

“…having Stanton Allen to guide us all the way gave us the courage of our convictions.”

Tracey Rodgers

Senior CRM Manager, Bird & Bird, LLP

“We selected [Stanton Allen] because we had been to numerous industry events and time after time had heard that they were the best people to speak to.”

Jill Warren

Director of Marketing & Business Development, Bird & Bird, LLP

Bird & Bird is a leading international firm that are proud of using creative thinking in combination with their deep industry knowledge to deliver excellent client service. To continue to achieve their goals Jill Warren, Director of Marketing & Business Development and Tracey Rodgers, Senior CRM Manager, were very clear that they needed to be equally innovative and creative when it came to their CRM technology.

“We engaged Stanton Allen to assist us with defining our business requirements and identifying a system to meet them” says Jill Warren. “We selected them because we had been to numerous industry events and time after time had heard that Stanton Allen were the best people to speak to.”

The project began with extensive consultation with the stakeholders to clearly define the requirements before selecting a vendor to work with in delivering them. “In the end we chose OnePlace,” adds Tracey. “Their offering, built on the Salesforce platform, provides us with the power, flexibility and scaleability to meet our needs as we develop. Going in a different direction to many firms was daunting, however having Stanton Allen guide us all the way gave us the the courage of our convictions”.

Stanton Allen undertook a comprehensive audit of the firm’s data and migrated their information into the system. This was not just about getting data from A to B; by choosing a new system the project team needed to work through all the choices and challenges to achieve success and this meant needing to think outside the box. “We deployed a number of exciting technologies as part of this project,” says Michael Warren, Lead Consultant for Stanton Allen. “For example we use a fantastic application called Demand Tools which plugs directly into OnePlace to automatically manage and dedupe data based on rules that you define.”

Michael concludes, “It’s been fantastic working with Bird & Bird on this project; they’ve been prepared to think outside the box and as such have achieved amazing things at the start of this really exciting enterprise”.

SA Consultants

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Barry Puddephatt

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Michael Warren

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Sarah Bodenham

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