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Barry Puddephatt

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Barry has worked in the professional services market for more than 15 years. He joined Stanton Allen having previously worked with Shamrock Marketing and Tikit, where he became their leading technical and data consultant in the CRM field.  He has worked on more than 75 CRM implementations.  Barry brings a strong business background as well as technical skills which have enabled him to produce a string of successful products or processes for better managing data in CRM systems

Barry fell into this line of work completely by accident having originally trained as a chef, before falling in love with all things data over the past 15 + years.

He enjoys training for and participating in triathlons (when he manages to get time away from his 3 kids!)

Aspires to be a good surfer even though he lives nowhere near the coast.

Barry’s most memorable project was having just joined Stanton Allen. It was a baptism of fire being whisked away to New York for a series of workshops on his 2nd day.  Working on a roll out of the InterAction opportunities module for a US firm which involved the migration of historical data for the entire regions of the US, Canada and South America.  The data was not in the best shape but through hard work and determination the migration was a success.  Stanton Allen were also involved in the training and communications as it was (and may still well be) the largest roll out of the opportunities module for InterAction hitting 18,000 users on day 1.

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