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As you probably know, over the years, we have been kindly forwarded letters sent to Santa, lamenting the problems of the annual holiday card process.

Read the post… “Holiday Card Hell is over!

Santa can happily produce any amount of shiny red bikes in his workshop, but sadly Lapland central is too busy with their own CRM system to have time to offer help with others’. Obviously he thought of us as being the next best resource he could offer those struggling with the management of their data, even in a task as seemingly simple as sending holiday greetings!
Luckily for Santa, he has an inexhaustible supply of data steward elves who spend their year diligently updating records, to ensure that their most important clients have correct contact details, and appropriately archiving those who no longer require his services.
Sadly, for most of the rest of us, the continual process of reporting, checking and maintaining data within CRM systems is often a task which is pushed back and pushed back, in lieu of more pressing weekly tasks. Only to find ourselves having to wield that data, and discovering it’s not as insightful as it should be. And the process begins again.