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Dear Data Diary

So things are going really well with my New Year’s resolutions so far.  I have been recording my business development activity on our CRM system and been really encouraging all my colleagues to do the same.    However, I have to be honest, I’m a bit frustrated.

Dear Diary

The reporting that I can get out of the CRM system is really not very good.  It seems that the only options are a big Excel table or pages of PDF reports that list everything and don’t really tell me what’s going on.  What I’d really like to see is a dashboard that shows me some key information measuring achievements against targets.

Things like:

  • How many key business development activities have taken place with our most important clients and targets and how well are we doing against our business plan
  • Are we fulfilling our Client Care promises by meeting with our top clients regularly and listening to their feedback (while we’re on the subject it would be great if we could actually record feedback on our CRM system as well)
  • Are we generating return on investment from our marketing activities.   I know my colleagues are not very good at feeding back to marketing when an activity or event generated some work, but to be honest it’s in our best interests to do that as that feedback will help us improve our marketing.

I hear those folks over at Stanton Allen have been doing some clever things with reporting so I think I’m going to contact them.

My focus is going to be much more on the outputs rather than the inputs in the coming weeks.  After all if you can’t get information out of the CRM system then people are pretty soon going to stop bothering to put anything in!


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