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About Stanton Allen

Established 2008

Our Philosophy is simple.

If you cannot define what your CRM system is for then it will not be successful!

Stanton Allen

Keeping Data Simple

Stanton Allen was established in 2008 by a team with extensive experience working with and for international professional services firms. Our aim is to support our clients that have implemented CRM systems, but are not realising their return on investment or to help our clients who are just starting out with implementation.

Many firms have seen the implementation of CRM as essentially technology and business development projects, and whilst recognising the need to engage with the fee earning and wider support communities, have not been able to deliver a strong enough business case to make CRM a key part of every user’s working day.

Our consultants can provide support and advice in the following key areas:

  • CRM Vision and Strategy;
  • Data Management Strategy and implementation;
  • Data Integration;
  • Data Cleaning and Data Management;
  • Report Development;
  • Marketing Communications and eMarketing strategy and implementation;
  • Training and Education.

Our strategy is to be the leading independent CRM & data consultancy and services provider to the professional services sector. We will achieve this by:

  • Maintaining a thorough understanding of all the products in the market and how they might benefit our clients and potential clients;
  • Developing our own products and services that ensure our clients can maximise the return on the investment they have made in CRM technology;
  • Maintaining strong relationships with the software providers in the professional services markets and those clients that use their solutions.

We will ensure that your CRM system becomes a tool by which you support your firm’s wider business objectives rather than as something separate to them.

CRM success is dependent on 3 key foundations:

– Clarity of purpose which is supported from the top;

– Well defined processes for using the system;

– Accurate, relevant and useful data.

No matter where you are in your CRM lifecycle, if you believe that your data should be working harder for you, then contact us and let’s talk.