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1. “Please resolve your contacts” has become your catchphrase, closely followed by “don’t forget to accept your updates”

2. You have Lexis Nexis support on speed dial on your office phone

3. You dream of Advanced Import more than chocolate

4. You tell time not in hours and minutes but based on the number of tickets you can complete

5. Marking someone is no longer a sporting term but what you do for half an hour every morning in the Windows Client.

6. You have made provisions in your will for who is going to run Association Clean-up when you’re gone

7. You strangely look forward to when JP Morgan will next change ownership so you can update them all over again

8. “Merging” is not something you do at the end of a romantic date but how you spend your Wednesday morning with key client contacts

9. All you want for Christmas is “IMO”

10. Your first instinct is to delete a contact not clean it!

Oh well it could be worse, you might be one of those firms that doesn’t have a CRM system at all!

Happy Summer everyone!

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