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Auto Activity

Auto Activity

The Stanton Allen auto-activity application is a custom application which enables firms to be able to automatically create activities and reminders for contacts that are linked into a specific folder. The contacts are profiled in terms of their importance and the frequency of contact and then depending on the profiling and the presence of relevant activities or not, the application then automatically creates activities and reminders for the users associated to the contacts.

Key Elements

  • A process for automatically creating activities and reminders for important contacts.
  • Based on contacts that are part of a business plan or marketing event follow up.
  • Reports are provided that show if actions are being completed or not.


  • Automatically generates activities and reminders to ensure that important events or targets are followed up in good time.
  • Once an activity is marked as completed it automatically generates the next one.
  • Reporting shows the next and last actions and any narrative so that teams can plan contact strategies.
  • Fully integrated with InterAction without requiring additional modules or cloud based data management.


  • Engages users by automating the activity creation process and delivering activity reports.
  • Provides a more accurate picture of activities taking place so that contact engagement modelling is more reliable.

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